The Barn

​​​​Our authentic 1936 barn offers both the upstairs loft and main floor for spacious entertainment area inside and outside. The cathedral-like loft will sit and dine approximately up to 300 people comfortably. A ramp leads up to its entrance, making the gorgeous main entertainment space easily accessible to all. The main level is an open concrete floor plan with beautiful supporting wood beams running along both sides of the middle. The space provided works great for setting up groomsmen dinners without disturbing the completed loft dining setting. An area just from the main level houses the in indoor plumbing  restrooms for men and women with larger handicap stalls and sinks.

The back of the loft opens up to a  700 square foot deck for upper level out door seating and further entertainment space. Below the deck is our large outdoor patio space with entrances into the lower level and restroom area.

Attached to barn is a lean-to designated for catering space with a prepping counter, table, and sink. From the catering area there is a doorway into the barn’s main level and a separate stairway to the loft, allowing a better ease of access without interference between guests.

Within the barn are all the tables and chairs you would need to host and dine your guests for your event. The barn is wired with electricity for lighting and all of your other electrical needs for decorating, catering, and music dj needs. Provided rec games on the main level offer alternative entertainment for children, family, guests, and your bridal party.

Photo Credit: Amber Langerud Photography

Photo Credit: Abigail Berge Photography (top & bottom) 

The Bridal House

​​​​Our three bedroom two bathroom Bridal House gives our traveling renters a quaint place to stay during their event without having to add to their budgets. Provided for use by the bridal party, the residence is a private space for renters to wind down after wedding preparations, get ready the day of their event, and sleep in between. The master bedroom has a large master bathroom attached and the two back bedrooms have two beds each and can sleep four people to a room. With an appliance stocked fully working kitchen and lounging living space, the Bridal House accommodates to the needs of you and your party.

The Bunk House

For additional over-night guests, The Hitching Post offers The Bunk House and three cabins. 

The Bunk House contains four bedroom spaces, three standard rooms with queen beds. The fourth is a family bedroom with a large queen bed and two single beds with a privacy wall separating the bed spaces. The Bunk House has two full large shared, handicapped-accessible bathrooms. 

The three available cabins sit next to The Bunk House. Two cabins are single queen bed accommodations and can sleep two each. The larger cabin has one queen bed and two singles and can sleep four.

Photo Credit: Kensie Wallner Photography

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